Brand/product stories are the foundation on which all other marketing activities are built.

A poor story requires more time and money to get mediocre results. A great story will generate better conversions, engagement, and loyalty.

I'll help you create a strategic brand story that resonates with the target customer and sells more!



Maximize revenue in the fastest growing retail channel. 

E-commerce is no longer a secondary retail channel. It offers a tremendous opportunity for explosive sales and as a result, the need to "get it right" with e-commerce marketing, merchandising and promotion is a necessity today.

I'll provide best practices, tips, and suggestions to succeed with e-commerce no matter where you are today.

Strategic Planning

Clearly communicating the value of your product or service to the right customers is essential in today's competitive market. Tying the right Strategic Brand Story with the overall sales and marketing strategy is not a luxury, it's a necessity!

I'll work closely with company leadership to coordinate the strategic brand story with the sales & marketing plan to ensure sales AND profit objectives are achieved.


Storytelling & E-commerce: A Dynamic Duo!

Telling the brand story and e-commerce may seem like distant cousins at first, but they are actually closely related.

Both require a clear understanding of the target audience, customer wants & needs, and the triggers to spur conversion.  They also complement each other as they help foster a deeper understanding of the customer and long-term brand loyalty.

A Focus on Results

I chose to focus on storytelling, e-commerce, and strategic planning for two reasons. The first reason is that those are my strengths and I am passionate about helping consumer product businesses succeed in those 3 areas.

The second reason is that by focusing on those three functions, I can best deliver the results that every consumer product business is seeking: delight the customer, build a lasting brand, serve a purpose, and profitably grow revenue!

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