For business leaders that want to increase sales without throwing more money at discounts and advertising, Evertouch Consulting delivers strategic brand stories that resonate with customers which reduce wasted marketing dollars and efficiently turns prospects into profitable customers.

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Brand Stories

Clarify your brand benefits and unique selling proposition to increase demand for your products!


Enhance detail pages and product descriptions with copy that generates more clicks on the buy button!

Digital Marketing

Optimize your story across web pages, funnels, emails, etc. to increase conversion and sell more products!

Evertouch University

Online courses to help you improve results at your pace.

Do Customers Hate Change or Love Familiarity?

I've always heard that customers hate change. For some product or service brands, a line extension or innovative new product launch results in angry customers that blow up customer service and social media channels. On the other hand, brands like Apple draw lines for...
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New Innovations Outside Your Industry Are Affecting Your Customers

The digital age has made the world much smaller. Information can travel thousands of miles in seconds and the quantity of available information seems endless. Consumer exposure to new innovations is the fuel for the expectation economy. We are currently in the...
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Three Key Ingredients for Successful New Consumer Products

Launching successful new consumer products is difficult. Less than a quarter of all new products meet companies' financial expectations. There are many reasons why some products succeed while others fail and to attempt to solve all of them can be overwhelming. A...
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8 Food & Beverage Industry Trends That Will Guide Your Business to Breakthrough Innovations

It’s no secret that new product innovation is tough. Over 25,000 new products are introduced in the United States each year (Oreg & Goldenberg, 2015) and less than a quarter of them meet their company’s financial objectives (Schneider & Hall, 2011). New...
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Robert Goluba

Robert Goluba


In my two decades leading the marketing department at multiple consumer product companies, I’ve launched, marketed and sold thousands of products. 

Evertouch services like Strategic Brand Stories is a result of years of studying what resonates with consumers and encourages them to buy.  It can work for your business too!

I hope you’ll let me be part of your business success story.



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